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January 10, 2011:
Individual pages for children of David and Raytzel Bellman are now being coordinated. Samuel Issac Bellman is the first to be highlighted with a in-depth history of his life. If you have material to contribute for other offspring, such as photos or stories, please let us know!

August 12, 2010:
New documents are now online. Click the Documents button above to view.

July 23, 2009:
We note with sorrow the passing of Samuel Irving Bellman, son of Max and Bessie (Levenson) Bellman, husband of Jeanne Lisker Bellman, in Claremont, California. An obituary from the Los Angeles Times is here.

Nov 11, 2007:
Mariampol, Lithuania birth record (in Russian) for Rachel (Rae) Bellman, daughter of David Jacob Beilman and Raytzel Markson, January 1890. View record here.

July 14, 2007:
Corran Bellman's bar mitzvah is today! Photos coming soon. Check out Corran's bar mitzvah page.


If you have family stories, photos or documents that you'd like to share, we'd love to have your input. Please contact the webmaster.


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January 10, 2011


If your family heritage includes the names Bellman (originally Beilman), Levenson, Markson or Rogalsky, you may find some friends and relations in our pages. Please look around and explore by clicking the links on the menu bar at left.

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At the top of the page is Malcolm Bellman at his bar mitzvah in December 2004. He was named for his great-grandfather, Max Bellman (left, in a photo from 1913).

Who are we?

We're a group of Bellman family members who enjoy tracing genealogical history. Our primary historian is Deanna Bellman Kasten, who has already completed a children's book about our Jewish ancestors. As Lithuanian immigrants in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries family members settled in Hibbing, Minnesota and El Paso, Texas. Deanna's research provided the basis for our history and family tree. Do you have something you'd like to include? 

What's in a name?

As transcribed from Russian (the official state language of Lithuania at the time) the Bellman surname is actually spelled "Beilman" (Бейлман), a transcription of a German-style surname. Mariampol, the Bellman district, was close to the German border so some Jewish surnames were German in origin rather than Russian. In German, "Beil" is an axe, so perhaps there were lumber or forestry people in our deep ancestry.

More work ahead

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We can move forward only with your help. Any interesting family photos (such as the Levenson siblings, pictured at right in the 1930s), papers or stories will help us paint a better historical portrait of the Bellmans, Levensons, Marksons and Rogalskys in the USA. If you'd like to submit what you have, please send it along. If you need assistance having your materials scanned or copied, please email the webmaster for help.

Check back frequently for further family updates.